Madhuri Mania
She left us about a decade ago to settle with her cardiovascular surgeon husband in the US. But now, the dhak-dhak girl Madhuri Dixit has decided to return to India, much to her fans' delight. Madhuri spoke to Subhash K Jha and told him what exactly made her want to come back for good.
When are you actually returning to India?
There is no time-line as such right now. Once everything is settled and we've wound up our home here (in Denver) only then are we coming back.

Are we talking months or weeks?
I don't know right now. We're in the middle of wrapping up our lives here. Only then can we decide the date of our return.

What prompted this decision towards such a huge change in your lives?
We had been toying with the idea for quite some time. We think maybe this is the right time. The kids need to discover their roots.  India is growing into a formidable power. It's become the new land of opportunities. My husband and I felt there's so much we can do back home. Whether it's in our profession or on a humanitarian level, we feel there's a lot that we can contribute to our own lives and to society.

Was the decision taken in the light of the fact that you have your career in Mumbai?
Well, that was a small part of  it. I was constantly traveling back and forth because my work keeps me busy in India. For my husband his skills (as a doctor) are equally applicable anywhere, whether it is in the US or India.

The uprooting process would be far more difficult for your husband since he has a thriving medical career in the US?
Yes, one had to think it to a complete and logical conclusion. It  was a very hard decision for us. But once we made up our minds to return to India, we're quite sure we'll see our decision through.

Would you say the change is going to be far more difficult for your husband?
For me, coming back to India is not such a great change. I've been in and out of India all the time after marriage. For him, it's going to be a little more difficult. Sriram loves India and Indian food. He had it in the back of his mind that one day we'd return. But so far we didn't act on it.

Maybe because I was happy with the privacy that we had here (in the US). But you're right. The change is far more drastic for him. The work ethics, the environment, everything would be different for him. But he is very Indian at heart. He makes friends very easily. And he's very skilled at his profession. I don't think there should be a problem.

What about the future of your two sons?
I was coming to that. I thought it would be great if they grew up in India.They'd know their culture, their roots. They'd know where they come from. India is so rich culturally. There's so much for them to do and learn at home in India.

Wouldn't they feel uprooted from their American upbringing?
This is the right age for them to return to India. Being so young they can adapt. If they got older, it would be harder for them. They're excited about going to India.  Of course they're sad to leave behind their friends here. But they know they will make new friends there. Nowadays the schools in the US are not very different from the ones in Mumbai. And kids adapt very quickly. In no time, my sons will make friends and learn Hindi.


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