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Madhuri Mania
FoodFood, one of the three recently launched food specialty channels in India, is completing six months on 24 July. With Sanjeev Kapoor and Astro as promoters and Madhuri Dixit as the lifestyle promoter, the channel took up the challenge of growing a new genre in India.
When we launched the channel, the buzz generated by Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit (lifestyle ambassador of the channel), and Sanjeev Kapoor (promoter, celebrity chef) took us to a certain level. Now with our programming, we are going to cash on it. Very soon, you will see the launch of our biggest reality show - Maha Challenge which will have both Dixit and Kapoor and their teams of women and men battling it out to answer who is the better cook - men or women. It is a battle of sexes in its true sense. The 13-part series is being produced by Fremantle India. We will launch it in September and you will see Dixit for the first time in this role on television.

We will also launch another reality show Secret Recipes in which people will come with their recipes and will cook with Kapoor


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