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Madhuri Mania
Actress Madhuri Dixit might be in the sequel of Ishqiya. There will be no Vidya Balan in Ishqiya 2. So it might happen that Madhuri Dixit may replace Vidya Balan in the film.
Dhak-dhak girl Madhuri Dixit seems to be planning yet another comeback to Bollywood as she might replace Vidya Balan in the sequel to super hit flick Ishqiya.

Vidya had seduced the audience with her racy act in Ishqiya as a village belle. But it now turns out that she might not be a part of the film's sequel.

However, according to sources, Madhuri has quoted a staggering price to play Vidya's role in Ishqiya-2. But the producers are reportedly trying to accommodate her demands, probably considering even Vidya's admiration for the star of the yesteryears.

"I don't even know if she is technically perfect. People are not bothered about that because it is a joy she exudes when she is dancing. She just looks like... even in a sad dance... what I mean by the joy of a dancer, well she is just moving like a breeze," Vidya remarked on Madhuri.

Even Priyanka Chopra is a fan of Madhuri. "I'm totally excited about... I love Madhuri. I'm a huge-huge fan," she said.

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