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Wonder, what makes Madhuri Dixit, a perfect celebrity, a lovely wife and an adorable mother? The answer is ‘Food’. Yes, the art of cooking has made her just the right home maker, though the actress confesses that she indulged into cooking, only after her marriage. Madhuri shares little details about how food has always been an important part of her lifestyle, what food gets her closer to her husband, and what is the diet that helps her remain beautiful.
As the adage goes, ‘Food is a key to man’s heart’, seems to come true in the case of this diva. Madhuri admits that her husband is a better cook, but emphasizes that chicken tikka masala made by her turns out to impress her husband. “I keep learning things. I can make few things very well. My husband and I cook at times, as we both enjoy cooking and eating. He loves North-Indian food and enjoys the chicken tikka masala made by me. I started cooking after I got married, so even experimented a lot with food,” she explains.

On asking Madhuri about her beauty diet, she agreed to divulge the secret to her fans. “I think the only secret is to eat healthy and be happy. A balanced diet is very important. I don’t believe in surviving only on juices,” she adds.

Dance is the art that Madhuri worships and the actress gives cooking the same stature by calling it creative art. The ‘Dhak-Dhak’ girl believes that Indians love food, “In India, every festival has a wide range on its menu. So much so, that during lunch we discuss about dinner, while dinner we discuss about breakfast,” she chuckles.

Sharing her experience when she cooked for the first time, she says, “Right from the beginning, it was challenging for me, but I love challenges. When I was in school, I made one of my favourite dishes - kande-pohe (Maharashtrian dish) and my entire family relished the same.”

Madhuri claims that her children also enjoy homemade food and it’s fun to cook for them.

The actress reveals that Bollywood has its long list of foodies. “Every family in Bollywood loves food. I have worked with Yash Chopra and Kapoor’s and each time we used to sit together, we ended up discussing food,” she concludes.

Source: Daily Bhaskar

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