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Madhuri Dixit turned 41 on May 15. But if you catch a glance of one of Bollywood’s most successful actress you wouldn’t ever believe her age! From balancing her personal life, to staying out of the media limelight and then still maintaining a close relationship with her fans in India, Mads as well love to call her, has done it all.
We caught up with her as she celebrates her birthday in India after many years.

Happy Birthday! So what are your plans for the day?

Thank you very much. The phone has been ringing non stop. And we have a small celebration planned with my close friends. But it’s not the same as my entire family - my parents, in-laws, husband and my kids – is back in the US. So it doesn’t really feel the same. I’m sure we will have a delayed celebration on my return,

You’ve settled in your life in the US but do you miss life in Mumbai?

It depends on what you are talking about. I miss my friends a lot. I miss not meeting and talking to them everyday. But at the same time my two kids keep me so busy that I have no time to miss other things!

What are the things you miss the most?

I miss junk food like bhel. Also you know modak which you get so easily here. Sometimes we do try to cook it but it’s not the same.

Are you a good cook?

I’d like to think I am. We cook a lot of our Maharashtrian dishes like poha at home. But most of the time I am calling up my mum and asking her ‘How do I make this? How much masala in this?’ Thankfully everything turns out well. And my family eats it.

How has life in the US changed you?

It has changed me a lot. I think I have become a lot more independent than I used to be. Also I’m a mother of two so that makes me a lot more responsible. I now think about a lot more people before I do or say something because it’s not just about me.

Do you find a difference in how you bring up your kids there to how things work here?

I think it’s a very personal thing. In some cases you will find no difference. We try to give our kids the same values as we got. But having said that tell me what is the difference between the kids there and here? If anything I find people in the US a lot more backward then they are here!

Which of your films do your kids like?

They do watch my films but prefer cartoons. In Hindi movies there is some violence or the other which scares them. They are quite small right now. But they do love the song and dance in them.

Have they seen Ek Do Teen?

(laughs) No they haven’t. But they have seen me dance in other films like Devdas and Aaja Nachle. In fact now if we put on the music at home the two come running to me and say ‘C’mon mom show us your jalwa!’ It’s very cute.

Do you find a change in Bollywood?

Oh yes! There is a huge difference. I think it is much more disciplined. I see a lot of improvement and change only for the better.

Of all your movies which is your favourite till date?

I think I don’t have a single favourite. There are a few that are special for different reasons. I think Tezaab is a favourite because it was a turning point in my career, then Hum Aapke Hai Kaun also helped propel my career and Now Aaja Nachle because it gave me an opportunity to come back after such a long gap.

Would you ever like to direct?

I would. But not right now… a couple of years later.

Any film that you have seen in Hollywood and wish it was made in Bollywood?

Which movie in Hollywood hasn’t already been made in Bollywood!?? First tell me that… I need to first find that one movie before I can decide whether I can be in it!

Source: (May 2008)

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