Madhuri Mania
Anushka Sharma has confessed to being a diehard fan of Madhuri Dixit and aspires to walk in her footsteps. Although unlike Madhuri, who found her footing after a dozen flops, Anushka has enjoyed a better run, thanks to the protective Yashraj halo behind her. Anushka says, “The other day I heard Madhuri say on stage that she managed to sustain for so long because people loved her for who she was, which is why she could afford to be a complete natural. I too want that for myself.”

She reached the peak of fame in her Bollywood career and when time demanded, surrendered all to become a homemaker. It might be hard to imagine Madhuri Dixit engaged in everyday household chores, but the actress insists that is exactly what she does back at home in the US.

Meeting Madhuri Dixit is always a pleasure. This time, however, it took me some time to pin her down as her family keeps her occupied. Madhuri has been the reigning queen of Bollywood and had a record number of hits to her credit. Last time when I spoke to her, she was in USA. "I am not doing films, you still want to feature me?" she had asked. Needless to say, one doesn't need a reason to feature Madhuri Dixit. Now back in Mumbai, she has signed Yashraj's untitled film. 

After marriage and motherhood the eternal and sensational diva, Madhuri Dixit, is back in bollywood. her beauty, dancing skills and power -packed performances in Indian cinema had made her the most popular and powerful actress in the 1980 -90s. On a roll again, the legendary actress is busy with her comeback film Aaja Naachley.

On the special occasion of Women's Day we catch up with Madhuri Dixit as she talks shop on her career, marriage, kids and more.

Ram Kamal Mukherjee spends New Year's morning with Madhuri Dixit at Juhu beach


Life is Beautiful

Madhuri Dixit knows how to humour both – the flashbulbs and her family. Filmfare tries to crack what makes her a superstar, super wife and super mom

She's been the queen of Indian hearts. and not just Indian! Even our neighbouring country was ready to suspend long-standing issues if they got her in return! Now Madhuri Dixit is back, and while she isn't the dhak-dhak girl anymore, the superstar is playing a dancer -- what many would call her most natural avatar -- in this Friday's release, Aaja Nachle.

Bollywood queen Madhuri Dixit, who is making a comeback after a long hiatus with Aaja Nachle, says she she missed choreographer Saroj Khan during the making the film. "Obviously, I missed her during the film. I am a big fan of Saroj Khan," says the dancing diva who regards Saroj Khan as her guru and mentor. "My name is always synonymous with Sarojji and her dances," Madhuri told PTI in an exclusive interview.

It's the most awaited comeback in Bollywood and the wait is going to end soon. Her film Aaja Nachle, hits the cinemas worldwide on Friday and she is all set to melt the hearts of millions with her million dollar smile. In this exclusive interview, Devansh Patel speaks to the Indian Film Industry's heartbeat or shall I say...’Dhak Dhak’ - Madhuri Dixit.

2007 promises to be the comeback year for the `Dhak Dhak' queen